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HR outsourcing

HR outsourcing supposes that an independent company would carry out the following procedures: staff selection, employment documentation, HR audit, salary calculations.

Nowadays HR outsourcing is becoming an important step on the way to effective business management for companies of any size.
This way of regulation the employment relationships allows the managers of the organizations to solve a number of problems.

First of all, it allows to reduce the price and improve the quality of work of the HR department.


Advantages of HR outsourcing

To begin with, outsourcing of staff selection, HR documentation and salary calculations allows to avoid hiring specialists on full-time. It often happens that in many companies HR specialists do not have enough work. This is the case when HR outsourcing is the best solution.

Another problem that the manager of a company can avoid by delegating its HR procedures to a widely experienced outsourcing company is the need to find qualified staff for their company's HR department.

Moreover, in such a case the manager does not need to worry about a constant control over the quality of work of HR department. The quality control is executed by the outsourcing company itself. It means that their reputation and high quality services are of primary importance to them.


Who needs HR outsourcing

As you could see it above, HR outsourcing is convenient for companies of any size. We would like to stress that the main reason for a company to choose this way of HR regulation is its obvious financial benefit for the company.

HR outsourcing is an excellent solution for small companies as it will help to avoid hiring a specialist whose volume of work will be inadequate due to a small amount of people in staff. This is the case when you can contact an independent company to deal with particular issues.

For managers of big enterprises HR outsourcing is a great opportunity to concentrate their attention on the strategic planning and other business processes without being distracted by the things which are not directly connected to the business development.


What can we offer

Our company has been providing HR services for 10 years. Our experience includes dozens of projects for small and big companies all over Russia.

Our qualification and professional approach helped us to become an official vendor to "Skolkovo" technopark.

Ros Business Priority offers the following HR services:


  • - staff selection;
  • - hiring, transferring and dismissing documentation, control over personal portfolios of employees;
  • - cooperation with the Medical Insurance Fund;
  • - control over the correctness of the HR documents;
  • - salary calculations;
  • - sick-leave, vacations and compensation calculations;
  • - presentation of the personified accounting and personal income taxes to the Pension Fund and other authorities;
  • - restoration of HR documents of the previous periods;
  • - elaboration on the normative documents in HR administration (Salary Statement, Personal Data Statement, Business Travel Statement );
  • - Elaboration on the motivational schemes.


The prices for our services are listed on our web site.