Finances in our control
is a tool for your success
We can make accounting understandable,
optimize cash flows,
and increase profitability.
types of business
successfully served
years of experience
in solving complex problems
regular customers
trust our accounting
We know what
we're doing
Successfully passed tax audits
and audit commissions
We are recommended by the Finnish-Russian
Chamber of Commerce, whom we work with
Our specialists are certified by IFRS
We form a dedicated team of experts for each task
We also speak English and Frencn
Find out the cost of services
for your company
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90% discount on the first month of accounting services
Flexible cooperation
On a permanent basis
Monthly service
As needed
One-time or sporadic advice and services
We can manage all
these tasks for you
  • We take over accounting
  • We maintain grant and nonprofit accounting
  • We make payroll calculations
  • We pay contractors
We deal with counterparties
that the accountant has let “slide"
You just do your business, and
we'll handle the accounting
Tax accounting
and tax disputes
  • Conduct a full audit of the
    completeness and accuracy of the paperwork
  • Organically build standard
    practices to eliminate errors
  • Analyze methods of legitimate cost
  • Make recommendations to reduce tax
In 95% of cases, we reduce the tax burden of clients
  • Standardize business procedures
  • Develop internal control systems
  • Conduct international tax planning
  • Analyze financial and business activities
  • Maintain current records
  • Maintain current records
  • Make business plans and development
  • Conduct a plan-factor
    analysis of the results
Financial planning
  • Standardize business procedures
  • Develop internal control systems
  • Conduct international tax planning
  • Analyze financial and business activities
  • Transform reporting
  • Conduct parallel accounting
  • Prepare the first IFRS statements
  • Implement and automate the IFRS
    reporting processes
If your needs weren't listed here - call us, our wealth of expertise can solve almost any problem
More than
Saved for our clients,
using skilled financial and tax accounting
— matters!
Look at some of our
success stories
More than 1 million rubles
Client saved in the successful representation of
the client on a labor dispute
More than 2 million rubles
of Overpaid taxes were reimbursed
to the client
More than 20 million rubles
Saved on paying VAT, by optimizing contracts
and maximizing benefits
More than 100 million rubles
successfully contested in accompanying field
tax audits
* Company names are not disclosed for
maintaining the privacy of our customers
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