Our skills
work for you
Our skills
work for you
  • Fixed price for an expert is economical
  • Reduce staff turnover by at least 70%
  • Introduce our system of non-material
    motivation to employees
  • We also speak English and French
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for your company
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design of personnel document flows
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Flexible cooperation
  • On a permanent basis
    Monthly HR service
  • As needed
    One-time advice and services
Find the best
We create a competency —
map of your employees, and consider the needs of your business
We find the best candidates
and test them
Develop personnel growth
program for your employees
Guaranteed free replacement
of any employee for six months
staff efficiency
  • 1
    competency charts for each
    company specialty
  • 2
    individual specialists deviation from the Chart
  • 3
    personnel growth programs,
    winnowing deviations
    from the ideal employee
  • 4
    training in concert with the growth program
With the right motivation of employees,
productivity will grow by 5% or more
And we can handle
the tasks of:
If your needs weren't listed here - call us, our wealth of
expertise can solve almost any problem
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